Support and Partnership

Who we are

Since the establishment of the DRFG Investment Group we have been trying to help. We support a variety of social, cultural and sports projects. Entrepreneurship is not only a tough business; it also has its human side and a broader social extent. However, there has already come a moment when we should unify our diverse support activities. That is why we have established the DRFG Foundation.

We are Patriots

Rooted in Moravia, open to Europe and the world. As an investment group we arise from Moravia. We are aware of its glorious past, traditions and enormous potential for the future. The development of Moravia is our first concern. We are used to doing things properly. We can help the best where we know it well.

We Invest

We help by what we are really good at. We do not only want to “give money”- to develop the others we offer our own competencies (“venture philanthropy”), and we prioritize long lasting partnerships. As we know our way around the world of money and at the same time we know that many people could ruin their lives if they do not handle their money with care, we strive to raise financial literacy. For instance together with we educate children in schools and in children’s homes.